About Us

Pharmakon International Enterprises (PIE), is engaged in the provision of different components of Disease Diagnostics and Biologics covering Animal Pathogens and ONE HEALTH pathogens, under one roof to the practitioners, researchers, diagnosticians, teaching institutions and other allied professions.  

Under PIE, the business dimensions encompass the marketing of diagnostic reagents & kits, PCR equipment, ELISA readers and allied material from different world-reputed manufacturers, primarily related to Animal Health as well as One Health pathogens. In addition to this, some selected type-specific Veterinary vaccines developed at the state of the art biologics manufacturing units are also marketed. Furthermore, kits & reagents related to the detection of chemicals/antibiotics/microbial residues in food products of agriculture or animal origin are also supplied.  The above identified products are specifically designed for use through routine lab testing as well as through on-site rapid testing. The eventual goal is to strength diagnostics of Public Health pathogens originating from animals (One Health Pathogens), to improve health of food & companion animals through innovative differential diagnostics along with providing safe food for human consumption.

Below is the specific  range of Products & Services offered by PIE:

  • ELISA-based kits for diagnostics in livestock, poultry, pets, fisheries, human
  • PCR and Real time PCR based kits for diagnostics in food animals & human
  • Diagnostic Antigens/antisera for pathogen typing and detecting immune response (HI, VN, AGPT, PAT)
  • iiPCR based ON-SITE Equipment & diagnostic kits
  • Quantitative and qualitative kits for detection of drugs or chemical residues in milk, eggs, meat, crops, animal feed & human food  
  • Specific Pathogen Free (SPF) eggs for research & vaccine production
  • Supply of type-specific vaccines against emerging pathogens for use in animals
  • Services for referral veterinary diagnostics within the country or abroad
  • Services for Proficiency Testing conducted through GD Animal Health Lab Netherlands
  • Provision of selected allied appliances related to the above testing